LTBA Inspection Guidelines And Mare Fees

Guidelines Of When A Mare May Be Inspected:

  1. New mares; within 30 days of form beign filed with the office, and ANYTIME thereafter.
  2. Mares going out of state to breed with foals at their side; before leaving and after the August 1st deadline of returning
  3. Mares without foals; on their return or after August 1st.
  4. Anytime there is a Change Of Domicile of the Mare
  5. Mares with early breeding dates may be inspected during the last three weeks of December.
  6. Complaints reviewed on a case by case basis

Forms And Fees

  1. Mare registration form are duen within 30 days of new ownership, or entrance into Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Program. The fee for registration is $50.00. The fee for transferring a mare is $50.00. If the registration takes place after 30 days of new ownership or entry into the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Program, the fee will increase to $250.00. In the event a mare has not been registered and an application of accreditation is filed, notarized documentation verifying a Louisiana domicile at the time of foaling must be submitted for approval of accreditation, along with the $250.00 mare registration fee and the appropriate foal accreditation fee.
  2. If the mare in question was bred by its current and only owner, no registration fee is needed; however registration is required
  3. A change of domicile form is due within 14 days of change of domicile. If an inspector is sent to inspect a mare and she is not at the last reported domicile, the mare owner may be subject to the re-inspection fee of $100.00.
  4. The report of a mare leaving the state has to be filed with the L.T.B.A. office before the mare leaves. Failure to report an out-of-state move will result in a fine of $250.00. The fine may be waived with the proper proof of a Louisiana foaling and/or domicile record submitted and approved by the Grievance Committee. The mare owner has the burden of proof and all costs associated with it.

The inspections are conducted by an independent contractor. You are required by the Association to present the mare at the time the inspector calls upon you to do so. Failure to present the mare may jeopardize the accreditation of her foal.

Louisiana Downs Office: (318) 746-6170

Evangeline Downs Office: (337) 942-1884

Fair Grounds Office: (504) 947-4676 / (800) 772-1195