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LTBA Membership Years are July 1 – June 30. Only current year Membership Forms Can be Submitted Online using the online form process below.

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According to the LTBA Bylaws, there shall be four (4) classes of membership: Regular, Business Entity, Associate, and Lifetime. The qualifications and voting privileges of each class are as follows:

(A)(l) Regular Membership: An individual of majority actively engaged in the breeding of a thoroughbred horse donticiled in Louisiana that he/she owns or whose interest in multiple breeding horses domiciled in Louisiana totals one hundred percent (100%). Actively engaged is defined as the mating of a thoroughbred mare with a thoroughbred stallion and/or foaling a thoroughbred mare in each membership year. Ownership of the breeding entity on the membership application shall correspond with the mare's registration and accreditation of said mare's foals or stallion's registration recorded with the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association. Such members shall have one vote only. Fee $75

(2) Business Entity Membership: A legal entity, (Corporation, Partnership, LLC, LLP, Estate, Farm other than an individual) which owns at least one thoroughbred breeding horse domiciled in Louisiana or whose interest in multiple breeding horses domiciled in Louisiana totals one hundred (100%) percent. The voting right of the members, partners or shareholder of any such entity is determined as follows:

  1. Determine the percentage of ownership interest of each qualified breeding horse owned by the legal entity;
  2. combine all such ownership interests of the legal entity to determine a total ownership interest;
  3. if the total ownership interest combined equals or exceeds a 100% interest in qualified horse or horses the entity shall be entitled to designate a member, partner or shareholder, with the right to vote;
  4. the entity shall be allowed to designate a member, partner or shareholder with the right to vote for each combined 100% ownership interest in qualified horse(s);
  5. Any person designated with the right to vote pursuant to this sub-section must be a dues paying regular member and is entitled to only one vote. Fee $75

(B) Associate Membership: Persons not eligible for membership under (A) above or (C) below are eligible to be associate members with no voting rights. However, all other rights and privileges awarded a regular member are received. Fee $50

(C) Lifetime Membership: An individual of full age of majority engaged in the breeding of thoroughbred horses who owns at least one thoroughbred horse domiciled in Louisiana or whose interest in multiple breeding horses domiciled in Louisiana totals one hundred percent (100%). Such members have one vote only. This is a one-time payment which lasts the lifetime of the member as long as they maintain their eligibility. Fee $1,000

An eligible person and/or entity must apply for membership in the appropriate class and be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The dues shall be refunded if the application is not approved. Non-payment of dues sixty (60) days prior to any election will result in default of your vote. You will be entitled to all other benefits and privileges of the association.

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